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I feel weird. Life goes on as usual, we do our everyday stuff like any other day but somehow I feel like something's changed. We don't really talk about the broken trust issue anymore, because I feel there's nothing to say. It's all been said already. There's nothing left I'd want to hear from him regarding this. But still somehow I feel like we should talk about it or otherwise I can't get over it. I feel conflicted. Also, at times I feel like hugging or kissing him but I just don't. Something inside me is stopping me. Sometimes it's even hard to look at him if he's smiling because that makes me smile too and I don't want to look happy. Because right now I am not. This all sounds (and feels) so strange. It's not like I don't want to forgive him and let go of his mistake. But I just feel like I need something, some reassurance of sorts but the feeling is so vague that I can't ask for anything specific.
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