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This is the problem I was talking about. I did not type on any asterich (*) in the following paragraph but they appear when I view print preview. I draft, then cut and paste from the notepad feature on my iPhone.
How can I prevent the asterichs from appearing. It seems if I type directly into the sites message field the asterichs do not appear. I get bumped off the site now and again and loose what I've written, thats why I cut and paste... I'm a bit long winded... Thanks

Havin some trouble here...*
**I'm having very uncomfortable emotional 'liablity' issues with my mono girlfriend L. *I was upfront with her from our first 'date' that I had other people in my life. *** * (I ruined my marriage by not being truthful and have since vowed total disclosure, perhaps too much so.) the problem is that I can't seem to help L understand I want her in my life but NEED time for myself, and my others.
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