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Default Family and sports

So, life is good, a lot going on and it could be perfect, except that I didn't write one page of my papers for university. Need to catch up on that this week and it's getting me a bit down. Maybe that is the reason why my nights have been a bit restless lately.

For the weekend: As our flat is in the best and most beautiful state it has ever been, Sward decided that he would like to celebrate his birthday with the family. We never did that, because there wasn't enough space and it was just an ugly little flat without anything looking nice, just my stuff piling everywhere and his (dirty) stuff from work right next to it. I don't know if it was the active influence of Lin, his overall, passive presence or just our age that changed the things for the better. But we became more like those people who care for their surroundings.

We arranged everything for thirteen people to visit. That's the maximum we can handle. Our study with our tiny dinner table (4 persons) and the newly build desk (5 persons) was really packed and the small sofa table in the living room (4 persons) took care of the rest. There was a narrow snickleway from the entrance door through the study to the living room and that was all the space that was left. Maybe it gets clearer why most people shake their heads when we tell them that are living in this small flat with three people

Well, as our family knows how crowded it is, there isn't a problem. And it was really comfy in a way having all the people sitting so close together and chatting. Sward's and my parents already know Lin and obviously like him. They talk to him, ask his opinion on computer related things and like to engage in some small talk as well. The only persons who have never seen him up to now were Sward's sister and her husband. They didn't talk much with each other, but the husband made some jokes concerning my moods and now having two men to deal with that, that made me believe that they were at least OK with our living situation. Don't know if the OK-ness goes beyond that, but we are not in close everyday contact, therefore this wouldn't have been much of a problem one way or the other.

Something really promising came up that evening too. My mother thought about a way to get Lin a job in one of the companies she is involved with. We don't know if this will work out, but it is a prospect for now. I was really delighted by the fact that Lin talked to my parents for hours and that they seem to have fun. My father definitely likes Lin and seems to have included him completely in the 'Sward and I circle' when talking about future events (like moving into a new flat when I finish my studies and children are in the picture). So promising, maybe they will take the news not as bad as I anticipated when we finally tell them.

For the everyday stuff: My tutoring job is working out really well. The children are lovely. A bit complicated, but nothing out of the ordinary. It was the right choice to choose such a job and nothing run-of-the-mill like. It's a good practice for later and I can use the lessons I give there to be imputed for my practical phases.

And I started martial arts again. I did that for a long time when I was a teenager and really missed it for years now. After I worked on my form in the gym for a while now, I felt ready to try it again. Biggest fear was not surviving the warm up, but I succeeded That's why I felt really great after my first lesson after roughly ten years. Will definitely keep at it. I have become really slow and forgot most of the basics, but they are returning fast. Can't wait for Thursday, will visit the next lesson that evening.
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