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You're doing just fine. Most people in here have pretty thick skins, and they don't seem surprised by much. You don't need to apologize until somebody says they're mad.

My mom used to say, 'I could be a lesbian, but all the women I'd possibly be interested in are as hopelessly hetero as I am.' Which made me laugh. Unfortunately, the poly community isn't that huge (yet) that places, virtual or real, to find them aren't that large or common or readily accessible.

You'd probably be best off making friends and being open and finding out who is open to you(s). I was recently listening to a podcast (sorry, I don't have the name, someone else posted it in a different thread ~ it's a couple that does weekly podcast on poly topics) and they were discussing that she just talks to everyone and gets lots of possible dates, whereas him, not so much. She was encouraging him in just talking to people without expectations of dating or sex or poly or anything.

Unfortunately, some of those 'you want to do what?' conversations are just gonna have to happen. My current situation was eight years in the making. I had no idea this is where it was headed, but I'm happy I'm here now. I've often thought of poly as an ideal, but thought that seeking it out from people who were 'already' poly would be creepy (unfortunately, that was probably a leftover bad taste from the night a couple tried to pick me up in a bar). I'm having a different perspective now; but I'm also older, and know more about what I like and what I don't and I have the ovaries to speak up about it.
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