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Let me start off by apologizing for the confusion. I am the husband half, the wife half pointed this out to me and I registered before she did. She is doing so tonight. Second apology - if I say something that sounds uninformed, it probably is. Like I said, we are new to this, and I am still unsure about how to phrase some things. More likely, I will say things that are misconstrued due to me not choosing the best wording. I know how internet forums can get testy at times when people take things the wrong way because of misinterpreting or misstating facts. I will be the first to raise my hand and say I have been guilty of it in the past and that it will probably happen on more occasions, but thank goodness so far it was just in a debate on a college football forum. That being said...

When I was talking about what we were looking for in my first post, I can see where one would think that 1) our focus was hooking up with a girl for "exploring," and 2) we only want a girl. That just isn't the case. My wife is not opposed to another guy (in a mf/mf type setting), she is just focusing (at the moment) on her recent discovery that she very much enjoys her bi side. She is quite intrigued and excited by it. Either one of us (I like to think at least) could go find a person in a bar or club to have a one-night-romp with, and we know of plenty of places to go find that, but that's not what we are after. Both of us like a bit of consistency, we want to find a girl/couple who like the same things we do so we can all hang out, enjoy having fun and getting to know each other with the beforehand knowledge of what we are interested in and looking for - so that if things progress past that "just getting to know each other" phase, there is none of that awkward "Y'all want to do what?!" talk.

It is finding places to meet the types of people that are into the same things we want to be into that is iffy on us.

I'll get this thing down with phrasing things correctly. I'm here looking for advice and ideas, not to offend anyone by coming across like a person/couple who is only interested in themselves. I deal with enough people like that everyday in my job, I sure don't want to be that type of person when I get home
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