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Lover and I spent most of the afternoon in his bed with the kids last week. We cuddled, I read to them off and on, as we dozed. We were all fighting off the family shared cold. It was sweet to see Lover so relaxed and not afraid to just be himself around The Dew and Woogie.

We have had some awesome crazy nights alone since I last wrote. It is always so fun to be with him. We often get a little toasted on beer or wine. He took me out to eat a couple of time. It seems one or the other has money and in turn helps the other. Itís a great balance. I do know it is my turn to treat. I do love to take care of my Misteress.

Lover is attempting to get a big piece of land we can all stay on. We are all excited about that prospect. I am nervous just being such a creature of habit, and not wanting to ruin a good thing. On the bright side I could get more nookie. That and he does really want to be more involved with the kids.

Jewell, The Dew, and I all sat around and made valentines day cards out of the typical construction paper hearts we cut out. It was such fun and we were all covered in glue and glitter when we finished. We made a big heart to Lover aka The man of the house. He stuck it on his fridge with duct tape.

Life is simple and pleasant like that. Woogie loves to wrap herself around his scraggly beard, and nuzzle in his hair. The dew is becoming more and more of a independent young lady everyday. The rhythms of the seasons hardly change. The goats are heavy and ready to kid. The sun is giving us more warmth everyday. Soon gardening season will be here.

I have realized that Jewell understands my frustration of being overwhelmed. Nothing can disarm you more than someone truly thanking you for all you do. I was a really bear with him for over a week. She let me be. I half woke up in the night and just told her as many times as I could how much I loved her then fell asleep in her arms.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. We will homeschool and clean house. Then we will do our chores outside when the sun is most inviting. Lover will call and come up with excuses for us to come over earlier than necessary. We will gather our things and head over there. We will load up the kids and laundry in his truck. I usually read to The Dew as we are driving. She will help with my errands, until it is time to drop her off. Then Lover and I will discuss me staying the night or not. We will debate over what to make for dinner. We will give Woogie full attention for the hour that The Dew is gone. We sneak in to watch The Dew dance the last 5min of her class. Finally we will all drive the 30min to his house to be reunited with Jewell. We make dinner, take showers, and talk about everything. Then I stay or I go home with Jewell and the kids. I can't wait!
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