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Question Where to start?

We are a husband (34 ) and wife (31) in Texas (DFW area) and have been discussing the poly lifestyle for several months and have explored a bit and are looking to expand further. This is something we are both very interested in -- turns out we both have been for some time, we were just hesitant to admit it to one another until about seven months ago, and were both surprised and ecstatic when it came up and we were open about it -- and are starting to take active steps to find like-minded people. We are just kinda unsure exactly where/how to start.

My wife found this forum and suggested it to me a few days ago, and here we are! Joined today and so far the things we have read in the different threads have answered some questions that we had so this looks like it was a good place to turn to help in our learning. We are just not sure how or where to find people who are into poly. My wife wants to find a girl for us so she can continue to explore her newly admitted bi side with, but also wants the girl to be with me and both of us at the same time. She's a bit shy at first, and neither one of us is really sure how to approach someone with those things in mind. The experiences we have had with chatting and meeting in person was with a friend from college (well within our comfort zone) - but she lives several states away. What has been most successful for other members in meeting people? Internet, lifestyle clubs, chance meetings at bars where you run across someone who is into poly?

Any helpful advice would be appreciated!
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