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Sex at Dawn is on my list of favorites too.

Ridley's The Red Queen is a pretty mindblowing take on human sexuality, though I think Ridley was pulling some punches with this one .

Anything by Chomsky - Manufacturing Consent shook me up a bit.

Zinn's History.

The Ethical Slut opened my eyes to "polyamory" as a word, and led me to Sex at Dawn, and this forum!

Sperm Wars made sex really awkward for me for a while... as soon as I understood that my penis is shaped the way it is so it can scoop other dudes' "deposits" out of vaginas, I just became more anthropological in bed. Awesome book though.

The Master Switch by Tim Wu - a very timely discourse on the history and state of information empires.

The 4-Hour Workweek - helped me paint a picture of my ideal future, lit the path a bit

A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bryson - made me want to buy a telescope and go chill out in some field under a clear sky for a bit.

Seductions by Barbach - one of the only erotica books I own. Still haven't finished it though. Not because it's good or anything. But it is good.
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