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Im not mono.
I am currently not seeing anyone else, I wanted to take some time to develop this relationship without distractions.
I was seeing several people casually and one seriously when he and I got together.

I am the more truly poly one. His interests in other people are more casual than mine are. I have close, intimate, emotional relationships with great sex as a byproduct. He is the other way around.

Sexually, we are open. Though if that were to be taken too far in any kind of relationship it would be a problem. No sluts allowed! But we're both in our early 20's and live in a city full of beautiful people, and have really high libidos. And we understand that.

I think that might be my issue, is that I put my other relations on the back burner to concentrate on my relationship with him, and Im not getting quite the same back. I never expected it back, but its still a bit of a bummer.
It was a choice I made free of external influence and I stand by it. I will give him all of what I have to give him, and he will do the same, even if what we're giving isn't always equal.
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