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It's time for the bf to move out, find an affordable place to live on his own, and start signing for those student loans by himself. After all, he's an adult and if living with the 'rents means that they will make his life miserable because of the choices he makes, well then, I think it's time for a change of scenery. So, he has to attend p/t instead of f/t - big deal. Some people take many, many years to earn a degree. It isn't the end of the fucking world. I moved out to live on my own at 19 with only $40 in my pocket. It can be done. Friends can help with a couch to sleep on, and many colleges often have financial resources to help independent students who are trying to make ends meet.

I have very little patience with adults who complain about their parents while living with or taking money from them. If he isn't willing to do what it takes to stand on his own and the parents will not give him privacy and respect while he lives at home, then you will either have to lie about it and say you broke up, or deal with their negativity and start some huge fights if you are open about it. If they are that opposed to the relationship, they might give him a different ultimatum if you do continue - to say they'll take their financial support away. I would always want to choose independence over getting kicked out.
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