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Life is filled with all kinds of things to do. Being in a mono relationship is not healthy if two people are glued to the hip. Poly relationships are no different.

I don't believe you are trolling so much as i sounds as if you haven't been receiving the attention that you feel you decerve and desire sefton. That isn't a poly issue if that is the case, that's your issue. If you are finding the poly people you are dating don't have enough time for you then maybe poly isn't for you. If yoiu date someone who is mono to you and still feel like that then I would wonder if you need to look into this a bit more for yourself.

Frankly, I would look deeper within yourself anyway. Maybe you aren't attracting partners who are a good fit, maybe you have some unresolved abandonment issues? As I said, this is your issue. Its not one to put on poly people.
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