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Default Feeling overconfident?

My husband and I were in a monogamous relationship since 2006. I recently found myself very attracted and falling in love with another man. At first there was a lot of drama and my husband and I split up for awhile. After realizing that you can in fact love more then one person, all three of us read everything we could get our hands on. None of us has ever been in an open or poly relationship before so we do not have any sort of guide. We have tried to wrap our minds around jealously and how to directly deal with it.

So far, a month later we all are growing everyday. Both of my partners have been amazing, they both talk to me openly about things that bother them. They respect the time I spend with the other and make sure that we are always present to get the most out of it. They are so intelligent, kind and want to love me. This past weekend we invited my boyfriend over and after I went to bed my husband and boyfriend ended up talking to each other until 3am! They are slowly becoming friends. This is AMAZING. I KNOW that there will be hard times but I can already see the benefits of poly is going to enhance my life and I know that I totally lucked out with these two amazing men. I am very much open to advice as I do not want to mess this up!! If you have any advice it will be very much welcomed.
Married 5 years and just starting a new-to-all-of-us Poly relationship as the point in a vee with my boyfriend.
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