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Originally Posted by nouryia View Post
Scar Symmetry
All Shall Perish...

All awesome metal, on loan from boyfriend who is slowly making a metalhead out of me
Opeth, nice. One of my favs. I wouldn't call All Shall Perish "Metal", but hey. ;D Quite like a bit of Scar Symmetry too.

If you're really wanting to get into some Metal, get the entire Opeth discography, as you seem to already be enjoying them. Their stuff is a whole range of awesome, from the heaviest, down to the lightest of Metals.

Meshuggah, for some pure low down chugginess.

Gojira, for some real Groove. Strapping Young Lad are also a good one to check out. Definitely some of Devin Townsend's other work.

My Dying Bride for some of the slower, deep thinking kinda stuff. Draconian even do it with dual vocals, male and female, that really gives it something else.

Sunn O))) if you wanna get into Drone. More for serious Metalheads, but you may end up enjoying it. =P

In Flames and Children Of Bodom for the opposite sides of Melodic Death Metal.

Angra for some old school, yet awesome Power Metal, or DragonForce for the new school stuff.

Chimp Spanner for some contemporary Progressive, and Queenryche if you wanna listen to the original awesomeness. Perhaps even Dream Theater for the beginning of the real complex Progressive stuff.

Ayreon for epic sagas and intense storylines. Also full of electronic instruments and a variety of vocalists.

Henker for insane speed and gutteral mess. Not quite Grindcore, but the heaviest of Death Metal.

Eluveitie and Finntroll for Folk Metal.

Within Temptation and Sirenia for the female fronted Gothic Metal.

Kamelot and Epica for Symphonic Metal.

That stuff should keep you busy and get you figuring out exactly what kinda Metalhead you are. =P
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