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Hmm, favorite authors:

Jim Butcher: Runic Wolf bought the first two novels read them and left them in our apartment. I picked them up, devoured them and insisted we needed more. Now we both jump at the bit impatiently awaiting the next book.

Martha Grimes: I inherited my grandfather's love of mysteries and her Richard Jury series is one I've been reading since I was a preteen.

Patricia Briggs: I love her Mercy Thompson and Olpha and Omega series, but I've also fallen in love with her earlier fantasy stuff like Masques.

CJ Henderson: We met him at a convention several years ago and everything he writes from short stories to novels is amazing. He has a real talent when it comes to writing supernatural detective novels.

HP Lovecraft: enough said.

Laurel K. Hamilton: I'll admit I enjoy her Anita Blake series. I never did get into her fairy smut though.

Speaking of fairy smut: S.W. Vaughn write the MM fairy smut I've ever read. I also love the House Phoenix Series.
It doesn't hurt that I'm friends with the author, but really all of S.W.'s work is captivating.

Sonya Bateman: A local author who I support. Her first two books, Master of None and Master and Apprentice, didn't sell as well as she'd hoped, I really enjoyed them and hope that she'll keep trying.
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