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Default To tell or not to tell...

Indeed, that's a tough one. I don't have any close relatives in town, so I don't have to worry about telling anyone really. My eldest child knows (she's 14) but my youngest (he's 10) hasn't really been told yet. My ex (their dad) does not know, as I think it might freak him out and cause me some problems regarding the custody arrangements we have. The ex is fairly religious and polyamory probably offends his moral sensibilities...

My current hubby isn't out to his family yet. Few know of his bisexuality and no one knows about the polyamory.

Now my boyfriend is more open, his family and his two live-in mates families all know about their triad. But they don't all know about me (well his dad does), or other SO's any of them may have who do not live with them. Better not push the envelope too far I guess.

I really hate that society is so judgmental. It's a bit suffocating having to hide a part of who you are all the time.
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