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I've never really felt that monogamy was right for me, but until very recently have never had the guts to insist on anything else. I've let myself be talked into—or more accurately be "assumed into"—around 20 years worth of serial monogamy until I finally put my foot down at the beginning of a new relationship late last year. That went a lot more smoothly than I'd expected because he'd been trying to work out how to bring up the subject himself.

I now have two boyfriends who, thanks to the ingrown nature of local social circles, have known each other for years. I'm a recent transplant from the other side of the country so everyone's new to me. The first guy (mentioned above) is otherwise unattached at the moment, and the second is married.

Until I met boyfriend #1 I didn't realise there was actually a name for the type of relationship I was looking for. It turns out I'm not weird after all. Who knew?

Anyway, me: Female, 35 for another few weeks, straight, cat person.
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