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It has been almost 3 months since I last posted...First of all, I want to thank everyone for your wonderful advice. It has helped me to understand this new relationship that I am experiencing. Well, now it's going on four months and I feel that I am starting to understand and accept what our relationship is. I am addressing my jealousy and immediately making sense of it and moving on. We have had many challenging moments since the last time I posted, but each event has made us stronger....allowed us to learn more about each other and our relationship. We are now on vacation in the mountains and we are having a blast with our children. I love both, my husband and our lover and we have grown together as a triad. It is amazing....I am going to do my part to work on my feelings as they come up but replace them with reality...the love, and caring that both of them share with me. I am sure this will long as I don't revert back to focusing on my insecurities. This forum is great!
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