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Default The Middle – VV is Fun!

In the meantime (don't expect me to remember an exact timeline 20 years after the fact) I had struck up a fun and close FWB relationship with VV. VV and MrS had been friends (without benefits) for a few years before I met her. Her reaction when she met me was “F***, here is someone in a position to hurt someone I care about (MrS),” my reaction when I met her was “F*** , this is the most sensual female I have ever met, how has MrS not been with her....?” VV and I quickly became friends (after she got over her initial defensiveness of her friend- she did not want to see him hurt again – the way that SweetPea and NYGirl had hurt him before). In this case friendship led to intimacy. VV is FUN!

VV and I had a blast flirting with all the boys, and hitting on the sexy girls in our circle of friends. She is brown and curvy and delicious, I was pale and slim with long blonde hair. “Chocolate and Vanilla” Ice Cream – who could resist? We conquered them all (metaphorically). Sometimes VV would go on to date the boy, sometimes the girl would become a FWB to one or both of us... all very fluid. At one point we were at “gay night” at the local bar, the thought crossed our minds that NYGirl would be fun to seduce (she was there that night). I consulted with MrS in this case since it would have involved his ex – he was against (“I'd rather you wouldn't.”) – he felt it would be “too weird” for us to sleep with his ex that he was no longer involved with (in any fashion other than she was still friends with one of his friends). OK. Plenty of fish in the sea....

Looking back on this was I so lucky? I had a (first) boyfriend who forgave my occasional lapses in judgment. I had a girlFWB that was on my wavelength...I had the opportunity to explore who I WAS without judgment...only advice. How many people get that opportunity ?
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