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Hi Mag, they are separated due both to need for space and a job opportunity and we all have grown children.

We all have separate residences right now but that was supposed to be temporary. We were trying to work towards resolution of where/how to live when all this blew up this last week.

We have all shared 3 way intimacy, but not since this last reconciliation due to her trying to overcome her resentments, and our distance apart.

We held on so long because he and I are deeply in love and he really wants to try and keep his marriage and me too. It hurts beyond believe when we are apart.

Does this help?

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
W2BE, why hasnt your couple lived together for 18 months? Was that part of their breaking up and getting back together multiple times? Do you all now maintain separate apartments? Are there children in the mix? How old are you all? Did you all have 3way sex in the beginning?

Bringing in a 3rd to "spice up" a rocky marriage is not a good idea. I am surprised you've all held on for 5 years when everyone is so uncomfortable.
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