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Default I am so confused, I'd be happy if someone had an input of any kind..

I have a boyfriend of five and a half years and we are to be marries soon.
Pretty much since the beginning of our relationships we buddies? women mostly (one transsexual and one man for him lately one once each..) girls are for me mainly, bdsm stuff with different people etc...

Last year we had some regular partners but pretty much we were always together... as a joke we wanted one to live with us, but obviously it never happened (it was just a fun idea to mess with)

I sometimes used to think I am in love with those girls, but I as actually just probably in love with being in love + excited about new things.

And then she came.. we invited her to play few times, and I think, I just might really fall in love... she is just amazing.

So I was thinking about polyamoric? relationship...
she said it might be cool..
I don't really know how to suggest that to him, I suffer from anxiety and there is NO way I am going to be p front with him.
He asked me a few times jokingly if I;d like what my good friends are doing (they are a married couple with a living in girlfriend) and I was embarrassed and didn't know what to say... guess I missed my chance there..

it is really getting to me... how do I make him understand where there drift goes...?
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