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PolyBlargh, I feel for you. I just recently came to the end of a relationship I had for three years. His reasons for dumping me were because he was more interested in his business and other areas of his life than in me (amongst other things). I supported him through his life changes and through his buying the business and the result was that he didn't want me any more. It was and is hard. I feel used and thrown away.

I have a lot of anger still after a month. It is just something one has to go through I think. I haven't seen him in a month and I have to say, it was the best thing I did. He is slowly becoming someone I used to know because of our separation I think. His presence in my life becomes less and less to the point that I am angry still, but have moved on.

If he asked me now to spend time with him I think I would say no. Later maybe I would be able to be a friend. These things take time.

Don't be so hard on yourself. Time.... let it happen and let your self feel what you feel. I allowed myself to feel everything that came up and did my best to allow my feelings presence in my life. The hardest part has been not taking it out on others and isolating myself. I am not so good at that, but I try.
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