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Default Hello :)

Hi - am new to this forum. I'm 39yo male, East Midlands UK, in a relationship with a 52yo woman - we're both fairly new to the idea of polyamory - we've enjoyed sex with other partners, but have come to realise that that isn't what we want - we're more interested in an emotional and sexual involvement, rather than just - swinging I suppose you'd call it.

What else can I say? I'm doing a part-time day job to pay the bills while I attempt to write - she used to be a teacher, but sadly got MS, and now isn't working - which she misses a lot.

We're both quite into some elements of BDSM.

And I'm a bit of a vegan new-age hippy type at heart, she's totally differnent to me - somehow we've managed to become really close despite not having loads in common.

And we waste hours of our lives playing Monster Hunter together on the Wii
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