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Originally Posted by Sociopath View Post

With all due respect, the only flaw in relying purely on your experience is that your experience is unlikely to be representative of what happens in the whole population, far out of the reach of your experience. Careful observation, along with pray-to-God careful speculation, is the only shot at getting down to the bottom of things.
True, but you haven't shown us that the imaginary woman and imaginary man in your examples are representative either. So that doesn't get us anywhere.

I'm not sure how we get from there to women who hate strippers, but... I don't know any women who hate strippers, so I'm not sure your examples are representative.

When's the last time you saw a guy making more money swinging around a pole than he would as a revered doctor? I CALL IT! DOUBLE STANDARD. Why should women get to make more money than do men in the same profession?
The average stripper does not make more than a doctor, male or female. You've been swayed by cute stories of high-paid strippers--and they do exist--but they aren't the norm.
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