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It's been a rough couple of weeks. My back and shoulder pain is back with a vengeance or so it seems. I guess Wendigo was right when he said calling attention to the lack of pain would jinx it. He's been in alot of physical pain too after throwing out his back a couple weeks ago.

We had a good time last Friday drinking and hanging out with friends we hadn't seen in a while and I got to wear Wendigo's coat; I was too warm after drinking for my faux fur lined coat, but shivering on the smoking porch w/o one. It's been a while (2+ years) since I've worn any of his clothes and it was a subtle way he could show affection for me in public.

Unfortunately, Runic Wolf and I got bad financial news in the mail when we woke up the next morning, which pretty much killed the good energy we'd had from the night before. Thankfully, a friend pulled through for us and loaned us the money to make ends meet. There's even a chance I'll get my car back next week now.

Runic Wolf and I are weathering the storm the way we always do; holding onto each other for dear life at times; but we're strong and loved. Wendigo was here Monday and we cuddled a bit, but he hasn't been sleeping well and his back was hurting, so we didn't have our usual post game cuddles with teasing and conversation. I miss it, but I understand. Things have been pretty stressful at home and he always worries that he'll rely on us too much for emotional support and now he's sick, so it will be a few more days before we see him.

I'm excited for workshop days next week and looking forward to the possibility of fighter practice starting up again. We've got a poly munch next Saturday and a battle on Sunday to look forward to too. Over all, life goes on, poly is just part of it, a part of me.
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