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Well a couple things changed in her life. She finished grad school and had more freetime with her new job and all then she ever had. I think the fact i wasn't able to be there as much that lead really to wanting a guy to herself, but no excuse.

Thank you AnnabelMore I needed to hear that. I was thinking that, like for V-day i gave her a picture frame and a photo of use at the beach kissing, very cute/pretty picture, but she might as well throw it away, especially since he attitude is that she couldn't still be friends with me if he knew our history, so she's always said to him i'm just her best friend. I thought I was being unreasonable and was thinking oh, this way yeah maybe we can still go do stuff, just not sex stuff. Now I'm just more pissed. After being there for EVERYTHING for three years to have it just marginalized for some new guy.
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