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Originally Posted by Nyx View Post

What I am seeing in some poly relationship descriptions are these exact same things. But I think it is called Polyfidelity - which is confusing to me....I thought a major point of poly was to give your partner(s) the freedom to explore any/all relationships? But some people have these 'closed' poly groups.....which I don't understand. Is it possible some poly's are monogamous poly's? (Or am I opening a GIGANTIC can of worms on that?)

I am going to read the rest of the replies to this post and may post more.......
The word poly refers to the ability to love more than one. It does not mandate that you have to be open all the time. That is how some people aproach living poly but not a requirement. You could be in love with just two people for your entire life and that is still being poly. Polyfidelitous living is essentially embracing more than one love in an apparently monogamous manner. It is not monogamous because it involves more than two people.

There are no "points" to how you have relationships...that almost makes it sound like a club with rules you have to follow or you are out LOL! (traditional monogamous relationships have a lot of these) Yes I do see this attitude in my poly community. There are some that think if you aren't open to new loves you aren't poly. That's fine for them. I would find a great deal of weakness in someone who felt they had to leave themselves open only to fit in or meet the "club" requirements. I find a weakness towards anything like that really..cheerleaders, jocks, bikers, anyone. I would also find this a weakness in someone forcing themselves to act mono just to blend with society for any reasons less than survival and health of family.

I hope this helps

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