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I will say that this felt much more like a justification for your behavior rather than an apology but even though you missed the point, the attempt is appreciated.

The fact is that threads do wander. I'm a professional facilitator and work with groups in facilitating work sessions. There are some basic things you need to do that: a room full of people with the same basic goals and people working from the same basic baselines in the conversation. This isn't a work group. This is a an open online forum. There's a big difference. Also, in any good facilitated groups all concerns are raised and dealt with as part of the process, not treated as a distraction from the topic. Also, facilitators "take the temperature of the room" always. This means that if there are concerns raised (as was raised by many women in the thread) they are listened to and dealt with. Again, not treated as going off topic. In order for the discussion to happen, you needed people to accept your premise, yet you refused to allow a discussion about your premise.

I stand by my former statement that if you want an honest open discussion, the issues around your premise need to be addressed. In your premise, there were stereotypes about women that are harmful and inaccurate and as a person who identifies as a woman, I would seem to think that I would be able to raise such concerns in a community like this without being characterized as a "femi-nazi" or my concerns characterized as ranting. But then again, I have pretty high standards for such things.
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