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Everything sounds very encouraging. Not a bad idea to do further reading on here get some perspective of how things could go.

One word of caution would be thinking in absolutes....things can change very quickly for the very good and unfortunately sometimes the bad. In your reading you will find many a spouse have agreed to open their marriage and at the outset have no desire or interest in finding additional romantic partners only to have a profound awakening later.

Love, excitement, thrill of NRE, comfort, normalcy, boredom, gap filling, get in the air and in the mind. It could be 6-8 month could be a year and half or 2 years but it does happen. And it happened to me and many others here who made similar declarations. So I'd suggest you ask yourself how you would be today with sharing your husbands time and attention, his intimate thoughts and feeling, and his most definitely his body with other women. Imagine him leaving Friday morning and not returning until Saturday afternoon. This could be their typical sleepover date time. Not uncommon. Now it may not make a difference because you'd have a built in distraction...but what if it happened tonight and or you had no distraction. Just something to think about.
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