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This has been the crappiest month EVER.

Necrotizing pancreatitis is the nastiest, most horrific disease EVER.

I would rather go through a family member having a heart attack or cancer (and yes, I've gone through both) than this.

Being told that my husband has a 5% chance of survival if they don't cut him open and another 1-2% chance if they do.... worst moment of my life.

A month later, he's talking, he's starting physio, he's on the road to recovery. Now I get to fall apart... not by choice, but hey.. its the way my physiology works.

I am taking a day to *me* today and am feeling incredibly guilty for doing so. It fucking sucks.

Only good note is that I have a doctor who is amazing, and short term disability and/or EI medical is almost guaranteed - just have to wait for it.

I'm so tired.
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