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Originally Posted by fidurski369 View Post
everyone seems to be focusing on something that I think is just a worry in the back of my mind and really dosn't stand out in my personality or relationship it seems to have made a venue for others to help me.
Eh, that's probably because of the insecurities you listed, penis insecurity is the easiest to address.

Franklin Veaux has a good page that deals with assumptions and insecurities at

I hope to be able to help Katie when she starts going thru things so I would like to hear more from the female perspective too.
Your self-care is important. Don't let caring for your partner make you feel like you're caring for yourself. Encourage her to join this forum or one like it so you're not doing more than your fair share of work on the relationship.

I'm interested to know what brought you to your understanding.
Uh... the school of hard-knocks, the blessings of good luck, the help of many wonderful people, and decades of practicing mistakes.

How about some links?
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