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Default Friendships, Search, and Privacy

Alright! The most recent update (access code = rpoly if you aren't registered) has just been migrated. You'll notice the following changes:
  • The 'People' link in the main menu is now active
  • You can search for users based on various criteria, or just browse all users
  • You can leave references for those users that you know, if you wish
  • SSL is implemented
  • Privacy settings have been updated. Check out the "Custom" option in Settings
  • Age/Sex/Orientation/Location fields have been updated in form and function
  • About Me and Looking For are now "safer" fields - it's a bit tougher to erase everything you type accidentally
  • You can now input your First and Last name if you wish. You can choose to hide these from everyone but your friends in Settings, if you'd like.
  • Notifications are displayed in the menu. Right now you get a notification when you receive a friend request, or if someone accepts your friend request.
  • Design updates, like a darker "definition text" on the splash page so it doesn't feel like an error

Those are the major changes. Note that you can't message each other yet. I know, it's a tease. The next update will include messaging, proximity search, and custom fields (so you can change "About Me" to "My Story" or have a new field that says "Favorite Movies" or anything you'd like). Along with some other goodies.

Looking forward to seeing how you guys like this! Don't hesitate to offer any input - so many improvements have been made to this based on your feedback, without which I feel like this would not be nearly as cool.

There are currently 168 entries in the User table, including a couple test profiles. Hopefully you can start connecting. Cheers!

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