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Default Need a little advice.

So my wife and I are in an open marriage. On her side she is only looking for sex outside of the marriage but I am looking for more of an emotional connection. I met a girl and we have been talking and at first she said she wasn't okay with the open thing but then she told me that she would give it a try but I had to be okay with her seeing other people too so now I guess I'm in a "W" potentially with me dating her and married to my wife and both of them seeing other people. The major problem for me though is she lives all the way in Ohio and I'm in Virginia. It sucks because my wife's other guy lives here and she gets to see him almost every day at school but I never get to see my gf and I'm afraid that will make me and my gf grow apart. I have had no luck finding anyone around here who is interested in dating a married guy either. Especially a nerdy one.
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