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I've always thought that polyfuckery was a derogatory term used for people who pay lip service to polyamory - in other words, they say they are polyamorous or that they want polyamory, but they're really just in it for the sex and don't put the effort into cultivating caring relationships with the people they hook up with. They will tend not to be honest about who they're fucking, etc. So if you say someone is into polyfuckery, you're basically saying they're pretending to be poly and have an ulterior motive of getting laid more than developing loving relationships. Hence, polyfuckery. When I have a chance, I'll go read that thread and the other links about it.

As to the original topic of this thread, I see swinging as a couple-centric recreational activity. Although there are many exceptions, most people who engage in swinging do not want emotions to come up while they engage in having sex with other people, whom they may or may not know, and they strongly believe in separating love from sex. The preservation of The Couple is very important to swingers.

I see being open as the ability to engage in casual sex, where developing a relationship isn't necessarily the goal but it isn't swinging either. People can be open on an individual level or as a couple but it does not exclude having other committed caring relationship(s) as well. So, one person in a couple or other configuration could be open and have casual sex partners but their committed partner does not.
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