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Default Scary stuff eh ?

Hi 30,

Yeow !!!!! Big log in da road - eh ?
Although I do feel that there's some awareness to be gained by brushing up on the "wired" topic I've already seen voiced here, that may be a topic in and of itself.
One thing we haven't seen here yet in the thread, that I'm sure most everyone here is also real aware of, that's REALLY important is what I've seen referred to as "NRE" - New Relationship Experience (anyone correct me if I'm wrong on terminology here please)
One of the biggest decisions we have to come to in these situations is getting a firm grip on what might be called Love vs Infatuation (physical, emotional or otherwise).
Because see here's the thing................
It's about "connection". I'm convinced there's something in that "wiring" the drives us toward "connecting" with the world around us. And there's people in that world ! Yikes ! More than one "people" ! Double Yikes !
That feeling of "connection", and it's VERY real, may be the most important thing in our lives. (ok - some may debate that statement but it's mine) Not the place to go into a long diatribe about why I feel that way. The important point being is that WE have to dig deep to figure out what that connection REALLY is all about. The answer to that is all important - but the answer doesn't matter.
That sound really complicated eh !
But it's not, and the discovery you make will lead you to to the best path. But in the early phases I think many would agree that it's running on a level of "infatuation". Only later, after some serious digging, will you better understand where that "connection" lies, AND it may or may not be on a level that should ever manifest itself physically. A physical connection is not a requirement for a connection to be real and of value to all involved.
Does that make sense ?
I believe that everyone that even chooses to view themselves as "mono" (and I hate labels) has, or should have, wonderful and deep connections to the world around them and that includes people !
So our suggestion would be to start by trying to discover what that NEW connections is. REALLY is ?

Hope this helps.

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