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Default good question.

good question. We did try it once (his compersion), but it tore him up and I wasnt really present with the other folks. And I really do like her and am able to be content knowing just the 3 is the limits of the relationship. We all agreed the relationship is already so complicated without adding others. WE just dont have the base relationship down yet. Its really a matter of 3 people brand new at this stuff (meaning none of us have tried it with others) are trying hard to figure it out.

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I have to ask, how do you deal with the fact that he needs you to share him (won't leave his wife) but refuses to share you (isn't ok with you having any other partners)? I think the double standard there would just piss me off so much that I wouldn't be able to deal, all the other stuff aside. How is it ok for him to require something from you that he won't/can't give you himself?
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