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again, thanks everyone, you are right, sometimes its just eaasier said than done, lol.
I think what's weird about it is that I don't think that A sees it as she is "dating" (or whatever) K. Like A. is being there for her, and the messing around is almost just a perk? cuz thats what we were all doing? I dont know. We never really have had the 'poly' talk, but we have had the 'open to open relationships' talk.
Im analyzing myself, and what i just said, and it seems like i need to do some talking and communicating about boundaries, how i feel, and almost where we see this as headed. Because its new, everyone has just been "going with it", and now its hurting me, and i can't have that anymore.
Part of me feels selfish for wanting some attention because of K's issues, but then the other part of me feels like, dammit, i deserve a little lovin too!!
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