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I'm doing alright. It's been a crazy week. A friend of ours is in the hospital with viral meningitis, mono, and pneumonia. Another couple of friends of ours lost their house due to arson; while our male friend was camping up here with us and our female friend (his roommate) was visiting family in VT her boyfriend conspired with 2 of his friends to burn down their house with our male friend's 3 cats inside. Another one of our friends just found out that his 4 year old daughter isn't his. So while our tax return was ganked out from under us, it could have been worse.

Still, I'm feeling kinda lonely tonight. Runic Wolf is busy cheering up our buddy who found out his kid isn't his by playing Star Wars the Old Republic with him. Wendigo is trying to hold down the fort and keep Pretty Lady sane, so his attention is understandably elsewhere, but with all of our friends busy trying to focus on legitimate needs of others, they don't really have time to just chat with me.
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