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Thanks for the advice Annabel. WLS and I decided we should come out to my family because we wanted to share good times with family and friends at both her house and mine. My family was initially accepting of poly, but then afterwards they became more and more uncomfortable with my situation and explained that poly is ok for other people, but not for me.

They think that poly relationships can never last and that I am aiding the committal of adultery. I'm not sure if they will ever accept it, but since we came out a couple months ago we have just been lying and being sneaky. As time goes by, my dad wants more and more for me to stop seeing her completely even as friends.

You are right AB, we will be ok because nothing can stop us from loving each other, but it would be more enjoyable if I could include my family as well as her's (her fam doesn't know she is poly).
I am a 19 yr old straight man hoping to overcome all of my stress associated with being poly. Thanks parents, society, and non-believers

Katie (whitelettersky): Married 26 yr old and I'm her better third since July 2011

Also looking for a female to turn the "V-relationship" into an "N" or "M" so there is less stress on the tips of the "V"
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