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Originally Posted by themermaidcafe View Post
K has some scary heart problems that happen in the middle of the night. A. likes and wants to be with her when those happen. I know it can't go on forever like this, but, it is what it is now, and i want to respect the fact that A wants to be there for her for those episodes.
i was thinking about this paragraph, and thought to myself, it's nice that A is taking care of HER heart problems, but what about YOUR heart problems? here you are, drowning in their hellaz nre, feeling alienated and lonely, and nobody seems to be doing anything to help you to feel safe and better when you're in a scary place.

i say this to you, as it's what I did for myself, ask for some space. Having someone become such a huge part of your every day life so quickly is not natural, and evn out of a poly situation, you'd need a break from a houseguest by this point. i definitely think that a break is needed, and then a schedule - redpepper's idea of some nights there, some nights alone, some nights together is very sane and reasonable. keeping on keeping on is NOT sane lady. it'll drive you 'round the bend.
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