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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
lI think of swinging as being a specific community and type of lifestyle that's focused on couples and sometimes bi females (lesbians, bi dudes, single dudes, gay dudes, and transsexuals don't seem to be invited to the swinging party, so to speak? am I mistaken about that?), characterized by sex for fun, sometimes with warm feelings, but no real independent dating/relationships. In contrast, polyfuckery, like polyamory, seems to me to be, in connotation, less limited in terms of gender, orientation, and configuration.
You are pretty much right about lesbians, bi men, gay men, and transsexuals not being included often in swinging very often.

Single men, however, are often sought out, although there are so many of them that it isn't often talked about except for the negative aspects - i.e. the disrespect, pushiness, etc. that people often associate with single men.

Bi men are also a lot more common than most people realize, although you usually don't discover it until you actually meet them. They will say they're straight until you get close to playing and then it comes out that they wouldn't be opposed or even request to do m-m stuff too.

I have only met one lesbian couple that attempted to swing for a while, but since they were both actually lesbians and not bi, they apparently didn't have much luck. That kind of surprised me since they said they weren't opposed to a man watching or touching his partner but wouldn't want him to touch them. Most men I know would LOVE to see their girlfriends/wives with two other women even if they couldn't be involved, so I was surprised they couldn't find couples that fit their desires.

I have never met any gay men or transsexuals at any swinger's events. Nor have I seen any on the websites I've used over the years.
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