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Well, having done a search, I came upon a whole thread called "polyfuckery." It might help to do a search and see te others there too. Here's the thread

As far as I recall the term "polyfuckery" is used for a type of "poly-dating" whereby the person is engaging in poly for sexual exploits only. They like to find people to have sex with and don't really have a need for any more depth than that. Not that its wrong or unkind, just very clearly the relationships they have are for sex. Often they don't pass that info on and it can lead to confusion, assumptions of something more and they portray themselves and untrustworthy, uncommunicative and insensitive/inconsiderate. Some poly people take issue with this as its not generally thought of as best poly practice to be that way. Poly people tend to promote open honest communication, consideration, promoting integrity etc. (You can do a tag search for "foundations" if you want more).

Kind of like how someone the other day told me that they didn't understand ho anyone wouldn't be poly because it meant more sex. This person, to me, was an example of someone who is a polyfucker, .
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