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Just to be clear: My feelings are not hurt because they can only really be hurt by people for whom what they think matters to me. However, I do and will continue to ask for accountability for any sort of harmful assumptions that are made about my identity or the identity of other marginalized groups to which I am connected and don't accept the idea that such demands should be silenced.

I'm not the kind of person who holds grudges and I can easily move on. But this isn't about a grudge. It's about making sure that communication can happen from an authentic honest place. Groundedspirit claims to want this type of communication but frankly it can't happen without those basic issues of accountability and respect being resolved. I've yet to see either of those things from GS in the PM's and messages that were sent to me. I'm quite sure there are lots of good ideas to be exchanged and hope that there will be a chance to exchange such ideas. I look forward to knowing more of your stories too. But again, that can only happen if the lines of communication that you have broken get fixed.

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