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I'm not sad about it. To bring up and dissect these issues clearly would require writing a book. Problem is, that requires a lot of work, and books have already been written.

It's like trying to argue how idiotic any faith in some magical creature up in the sky is.

You say that to a believer, they won't listen to whatever else you have to say. And this is whether or not what you have to say is factually true.

And to those who already share the conclusions, it might give entertainment.

Touchy subject here, I guess.

I personally think that insisting males and females are equal is as retarded as saying birds and bees are equal. No, as a matter of fact, they're not freakin' equal. But whatever.

Do women and men have an equal stake in wanting to be happy? I can give a resounding yes to that. But to stubbornly insist that they're equal is outright offensive to human intelligence.

If women were just like men, they would be called men. Or men would be called women. Or we'd have another word for it.

It's like this very common example people get their panties in a twist over:

Are black people equal to white people? Uhm, no, no they're not? What, how dare you! Yeah, it's true, their skin is darker, their lips tend to be bigger, and their craniums are often shaped every so slightly in a different way. BLASPHEMY! What are you talking about, it's true... look for yourself? HOW DARE YOU!

Whoa. What's up with this whole black-and-white (haha-pun) approach to equality versus inequality? There ARE differences, that when stubbornly dismissed, often result in more discord than was present before steps were ever taken to ensure fair treatment of both sexes.
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