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I am going to make this very simple and straightforward. Your behavior on “the sexual element” thread has offended many members of this community. Whether the offense was intentional or inadvertent, only you can know. But surely you must realize by now that you crossed the line. Your choice to pretend there is no offense merely compounds it. Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away. In fact the opposite is true, as you perhaps are becoming aware.

I am doing nothing more, and nothing less, than calling you on your disrespectful and unacceptable behavior. I would do the same with any other member who showed the same level of blatant disrespect, and I hope that should the time come when I am the offender, someone will call me on it so that I can make things right.

The problem as it currently stands is that you persist in refusing to accept accountability for your actions and to take any action whatsoever to rectify the problem you created. You still owe an apology to Ceoli and all the other members of the community whom you have offended. And until that debt is paid, I and hopefully other well-intentioned members of the community, will continue calling you out on it, and making other members aware that you cannot be trusted to behave decently. Because to do otherwise ensures the offense will occur again and encourages similar bad behavior.

It would be so simple to just admit your mistake, apologize, and move forward.
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