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Oh, I definitely would, but my son is sleeping in the next room.
Going out isn't really an option.

I am going to take a hot shower and then work on my philosophy paper. Nothing like an ethical debate to take one's mind off the little things.

I love him and I trust him. And I know this is what I want. It excites me that he's doing this. It excites me that he is finally allowed to be free to do whatever he wants. His last relationship was incredibly overbearing and he has literally come back to life in the past couple of months. I am so thrilled that I can not only be a part of his new found freedom, but that I am a catalyst to the freedom which has turned him back into the incredible man who I have loved since we were dumbass teenagers.

I guess it's just that first hurdle. The first time you rip off a bandaid, and realize it was nowhere near as bad as you worked it up in your head to be.
The real test will be tomorrow when he tells me all about it.
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