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Sorry, I didn't provide enough info. I was really upset and trying not to make it sound like I was typing to someone about him whilst he was going off on me.

From an e-mail from December:

Me: 1 You could cuddle, kiss (even mooch, which I didn't give up easily), and grope. (Intimate) is really all I want....without the "grope" part. It's not because I have a deep desire to be intimate with anything that's more of a need to feel and express to my friends how much I love them.

Him: I've always been okay with cuddling and handholding. I am okay with kissing, even if I'm there. Mooching and full on macking are now permitted. I'm totally okay with all of this.

Me: so, honestly, just knowing that I have the option to do that first thing listed, gives me the sense of freedom to just be me.

Him: You have it, but please please please remember the safety thing. I'll just have to learn to trust you here. I really don't know how I'll react if you decide to mooch someone who I wouldn't be comfortable with and got raped. You're a good judge of people, but you're not perfect. Err on the side of caution.

As far as what spawned this post, he told me he felt betrayed because I knew I had permission, but our mutual friend didn't know /from him/ that he had permission...which then extrapolated into the new bf coming and how the new bf's never physically talked to the hubby about anything...the bf has gotten all his information from me. The hubby says "it's a respect thing..." Which, I do get.... me, that's not how the original agreement, a bit confused, a bit miffed, and very much hurt. It's not like the bf and the hubby don't know each other and have never spoken; they've just never talked about *that*....
"I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires." ~Susan B. Anthony
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