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Hi KK! I'm very glad my advice has been helpful.

Your situation is basically the same as a gay person who comes out and has parents who don't understand and don't want him to see his boyfriend. There is no right or wrong way to handle it, it's a very personal decision, and not knowing what to do is totally natural. It will probably just take time. You can ask for respect but in the end that doesn't mean you'll get it. You can force the issue and risk damaging your relationship with them, or you can carry on with subterfuge until they calm down or you're out of the house.

This site might be interesting to you:

WLS, of course you want to help, but ultimately this is not your issue to resolve. You can choose to not be in a relationship with someone who's in the closet, but KK did the brave thing and came out. Sure you can encourage him to be more forceful with them, but what if they then reject him? You'd feel terrible!! Your concern is that they're not treating him like an adult, but you have to treat him like an adult too and that means letting him handle his familial relationships himself, even if it's not how you would do it.

It's going to be ok guys.
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