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Default confused and kinda scared.

I'm not one for telling long story's so to make it short, I moved in with a friend of about a year, her and her BF. she was in a Poly relationship with a him and another person via long distance. Both her BF and the other guy turned out to be lying.. well I don't think I can say the things I want to here, but you get the point. I went down to live with her in order to get on my feet in another state. but as time went on we fell for each other and she left the two others to be with me, it's not what I asked, it's what she wanted.

We live together now and we are happy, but I'm a mono, willing to at least try to be poly but I don't know where to start. yes I am afraid, I don't know what to expect. we have talked about it and set up some "rules"

if you need more info feel free to ask.

have any ideas that could help?
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