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After going through a divorce I got a place with my mom because she was the only one who could help me get back on my feet that was in the area so I could finish my schooling up. By that I mean we both got a place together, not that I moved into the basement of the place she was currently at Shortly after moving in I found out that two of my friends were married and were poly. I have since been in a relationship with T, my friends wife. Thankfully out of my parents mom is the more liberal one and with our cohabitation it became impossible to hide what was going on from her. She responded very well and really likes T. She tells me that she may not fully understand how we can do what we do, but she is happy that I am happy and found someone that loves me for who I am.

My dad on the other hand is pretty conservative, in fact still holds a grudge against my mom for cheating on him about two decades ago. He knows that I am seeing T, but not that she is already married. I do not know if I will ever be able to tell him the whole story. Thankfully he lives a good distance away so it will not be that difficult to keep the secret. Hell I think he is still trying to comprehend the fact that she is black and I am white, a product of his conservative upbringing I suppose. While it does kind of suck that I feel I can never be completely honest with him about it, I also do not lose any sleep over it. Maybe I never will, but I am happy to be living my life the way I want to.
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