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Red face He's on his first date. Kinda mixed feelings??

My partner is out on a date tonight.
This is his first time out with another woman since we've been together.

When we first started seeing each other he was involved with another woman and I had no problems with her whatsoever.
However, the idea of him starting something up with someone new has got me a bit nervous, though Im not sure why.

Mentally and Emotionally I feel okay about it, but I've been tight chested all evening.

Has anyone else felt this? Totally fine with a partner's pre-established relationships but uneasy about new ones?

(It could also be due to the fact that we've just established our feelings for one another and are finally becoming comfortable with the idea that 'yes, this is real, and yes this is actually happening after all these years' and maybe I want to hold onto that for a little bit?
Its still throwing me off though. I told him I was nervous, but that I wanted him to have fun and wished him luck.)
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